“And a Merry bloomin’ Christmas to you too!”

So says Raymond Brigg’s Father Christmas. I, as I may have already mentioned LOVE Christmas, no humbugs here! And the hero of the day (minus, OF COURSE, the dear baby Jesus) is the man in red… or so I always thought. How wrong I was. I have read a number of natural parenting bloggers bemoaning Satan, (sorry, slip of the keyboard!), Santa, of late. Bla, bla indoctrination with commercialism, lying to children, yada yada.

Stop the lights people! I have yet to meet a child traumatised by finding out Santa doesn’t exist. Santa is about fun, magic, mystery… no? I’m not saying you have to pay over-inflated prices to go and sit on some dodgy old man’s knee in a shopping centre and receive some trashy toy. I’m not saying threaten your children all year about being good. I’m not even saying to over-indulge your children with enormous gifts. I’m just saying that perhaps helping to cultivate magic and mystery in your child’s life is not such a bad thing. If you object to the lying thing, then, go the whole hog, throw out fairies, elves, gnomes, angels, dragons, unicorns, because they don’t exist either. Just in case one day your poor child will discover that they aren’t true, and that you, evil parent, were just lying to them every time you read them a bedtime story.

No, my issue with Santa is that he is a MAN. Seeing as in most of the households I know its women who: buy the presents, write the Christmas cards, decorate the house, cook dinner, make the Christmas play costumes…who do about 95% of the work of Christmas, then why is it some fat old codger that gets all the credit? Now if you want to get het up about something this festive season, get het up about that. That’s the Santa issue!