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  • The grieving mother soul

    For Una, and all who grieve, I send you a prayer with every breath. I cannot begin to comprehend your pain, the scale of your loss. The storm winds of the mother soul howled around this house last night, and every other house in the […]

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  • A LOVE LETTER: in celebration of mamas:

    I am lucky to know a lot of lovely mamas who are full time mamas, and also work at things that they love, to support their families financially and nourish their souls. Far from the ‘having it all mums’ of the 80s and 90s, these […]

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  • Mother tongue – a positive vocabulary of mothering

    “We live in an articulate society, continually questioning ourselves and each other. It is not fair to leave a new mother with a horrific collection of words to condemn her – and almost nothing in the way of praise for when she is doing something […]

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    An alternative to the work and parenting dilemma 1500 WORD ARTICLE- published in JUNO “The future is not inevitable. We can influence it, if we know what we want it to be…We can and should be in charge of our own destinies in a time of […]

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  • “Watch out, rocks ahead!”

    The jolt in our civilisation is much on my mind at the moment. Watching the Trillion Pound debt programme and reading Fleeing Vesuvius: Overcoming the Risks of Environmental and Economic Collapse, I am trying to arm myself with the facts. The scale of the figures […]

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  • Creating climate change from within

    A 1700 word article Looking at the enormous upheavals in our financial system over the past two years, I feel a certain lack of shock. Whilst our leaders scrabble for solutions to this unanticipated crisis, prophets of all stripes have foreseen this coming: the crash […]

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  • Giving from the heart

    Despondent after another identi-kit party at an anonymous warehouse, sorry, play-centre, where the hostess gathered the vast gifts, no doubt mainly plastic and cardboard packaging, full of overpriced plastic toys, made by badly paid Chinese workers, I despaired. I didn’t know the child, didn’t know what […]

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    We had a book swap night last night here at the Pink House. A great way to recycle no longer wanted books, and pick up great new reads for free, and talk books with friends – what more can a girl want? The heady smell […]

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    Tonight is Bonfire Night in England, the fireworks are whizzing and popping to celebrate Guy Fawkes Night. But here in rural Ireland all is deathly silent (which makes me feel a little sad and nostalgic for the Bonfire Nights of my youth). Silent, that is, […]

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